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Cloud-native, real-time, unified logs and metrics analytics platform.

Provider Summary
total services: 32
total methods: 267
total resources: 150
total selectable resources: 83

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To pull the latest version of the sumologic provider, run the following command:

REGISTRY PULL sumologic;

To view previous provider versions or to pull a specific provider version, see here.


The following system environment variables are used for authentication by default:

These variables are sourced at runtime (from the local machine or as CI variables/secrets).

Using different environment variables

To use different environment variables (instead of the defaults), use the --auth flag of the stackql program. For example:

AUTH='{ "sumologic": { "type": "basic", "username_var": "YOUR_SUMOLOGIC_ACCESS_ID_VAR", "password_var": "YOUR_SUMOLOGIC_ACCESS_KEY_VAR" }}'
stackql shell --auth="${AUTH}"

or using PowerShell:

$Auth = "{ 'sumologic': { 'type': 'basic', 'username_var': 'YOUR_SUMOLOGIC_ACCESS_ID_VAR', 'password_var': 'YOUR_SUMOLOGIC_ACCESS_KEY_VAR' }}"
stackql.exe shell --auth=$Auth